Accident Recovery from Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Joby's Gulf of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, is an independent towing service providing accident recovery and roadside assistance to motorists throughout the area.

Towing Services
Joby's Gulf provides light towing services that are convenient and timely. With a fleet of 10 flatbed and wheel lift tow trucks, our service crews can haul or tow cars and trucks up to 1/2 ton. Operating throughout the greater Uniontown area, Joby's Gulf is proud to be the exclusive towing service for the Pennsylvania Turnpike from toll road 43 in Brownsville, to the West Virginia state line. 

Roadside Assistance
For times when you need emergency assistance, we are proud to provide comprehensive roadside assistance for motorists. From battery jumps and flat tire exchanges, to fuel delivery and lockout services, you can rest assured our roadside assistance services are here and at the ready any time you call.

Car being Towed, Accident Recovery in Uniontown, PA

Accident Recovery
We offer accident recovery for passenger vehicles, and provide courteous and professional services to ensure you and your vehicle are taken care of in the case of a collision. From fender benders to rollovers and major pileups, our service techs and tow operators will make certain you and your vehicle are safe and transported to the appropriate destination.

Winching Services
When you've slid off the road and are stuck, our winching services will free your vehicle and get it back on the road as safely and securely as possible. Our trucks have 150 feet of cable available to extricate vehicles from ditches, medians, and other roadside embankments. As long as our truck is able to remain on the hardtop surface, we can pull nearly any size vehicle back to the road.

Contact us in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, to request any of our roadside assistance or accident recovery services.